Basil Tomato Risotto

2013-05-14 13.54.52

1 onion
1/3 c oil or butter
1 c arborio rice
2.5 to 3 c stock
1 c diced tomatoes
1/2 to 1 c basil (depends on how much you like basil)
1/4 c white wine vinegar
2 tbsp sugar

Dice and saute the onion in oil. Add the rice and stir until all the rice is coated with oil. Slowly add the stock, stirring frequently. Near the end, add the tomatoes, basil, vinegar, and sugar.

QUICK METHOD: Put the onion, oil, rice, vinegar, sugar, and stock in a rice cooker. Once it’s done, quickly add the tomatoes and basil to the cooker and close. It’ll steam in about 10 minutes. It won’t have a risotto texture, but it will still taste lovely.


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