Look at my Garden!


I miss having a garden, but I don’t have any outdoor space in my apartment, so I decided a vertical garden was in order. My wonderful boyfriend made me a shelf for all the plants to live on, so they all get lots of sun in the afternoon, and it doesn’t take up any extra floor space, already so precious in New York.

Top row: sweet mint, strawberries

Middle row: boxwood basil, flat Italian parsley, Cayenne peppers

Bottom row: sage, thyme

Anywho, thought you might be curious to see my cute little garden! The mint is wonderful, though a bit more like spearmint than I was expecting. I’ve harvested two strawberries so far, and they are so deliciously juicy. The basil’s the big surprise of my garden. I don’t use a ton of basil, but I love how strong the flavor is from these tiny leaves. Also, I don’t have to cut them up. I’m very excited to see if the peppers actually grow, because y’all know how I love my Cayenne. I’d make my tongue numb for a week if I had my own fresh Cayenne peppers! The parsley, sage, and thyme were what I was expecting, and I’m now a little sad I didn’t get rosemary, but I’ve not been super into rosemary lately.


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